IntregriServ Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Franchises Available

(Ohio, Michigan and Florida)

Are you searching for a career that offers excellent and secure potential, low investment and the option to operate the company from your own home?

If so, you should consider an IntegriServ commercial cleaning franchise. The IntegriServ franchise is a low cost franchise to start and can fulfill your dream of owning your own successful business.


Why and How?....

  • Choose from a variety of cleaning franchise packages that fit your budget!

  • Operate your business from your own home! No, cost of renting!
  • IntegriServ offers guaranteed revenue! No sales required!
  • We provide you, the franchisee with financing to start your janitorial franchise
  • IntegriServ also supplies their franchisees with equipment and chemicals.
  • We offer an insurance program, cash flow assurance, rapid start up plan, quick return on your investment.

The IntegriServ commercial cleaning franchise is low risk, low investment with a trusted proven business model that can truly bring the dream of owning your own cleaning business franchise to a reality!

IntegriServ offers a low start up plan, and a comprehensive training program to ensure your businesses ultimate success!

When you become a commercial cleaning franchise business owner with IntegriServ, you will own one of the best types of businesses! Commercial cleaning is a recession resistant business, that cannot be outsourced. Everyone needs a clean, healthy building!

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“I was looking for a business to invest in that would be easy to get started. IntegriServ helped me achieve this goal. I’ve received a lot of support in growing my business.”

Business Owner– Toledo- Since 2003

IntegriServ Be Your Own Boss

Own your own Home-Based Commercial Cleaning Franchise Now!