Hear What Melissa and Jarvis, Franchise Owners Have to Say About IntegriServ

​I'm Melissa Slaughter and I'm Jarvis Mormon. We are beginner franchise owners.

I've been watching this commercial you would not believe for years! You couldn't get it away from me. It was coming off like "you want to start your own business?" I said I'm gonna call this a IntegriServ again. I looked and they're still in business. I said okay let me call these guys. We got the appointment. She came in and sat down with Pat. He was very well spoken and just made us feel comfortable. It was very easy. We understood exactly what was being put on the table. There was no we didn't feel like what's the secret, what aren't you guys not telling us. We didn't go through that.

We weren't expecting this that soon because it could have taken a little time but thanks again to the company they got us right to work so we are appreciative of that.

It's what you put in. You know as long as you stick with it it's what you put in is what you'll get out at this point.

I'm kind of excited to quit my full-time job. I really am. Just because it will give me more time at home with our kids. You know we have a full-blown family at home and you know I can't be away from my kids all day long so this is going to really give me the opportunity to be home. Give us the opportunity to be at home you know with our kids all day long to be able to do whatever it is we want to do while the sun is shining and at night time when they go to sleep. We can go to work at the end of the day, it's a great feeling.

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