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  • Auburn Hills, Bay City, Birch Run, Caro, Clio, Davison, Fenton, Flint, Frankenmuth, Grand Blanc, Hemlock, Lapeer, Midland, Mount Pleasant, Saginaw and the surrounding communities.

Looking for Commercial Cleaning Services Near You? We Offer:

  • Restrooms Sanitation
  • Break / Common Areas
  • Board / Conference Rooms
  • Lobbies
  • Window Washing
  • Odor Control
  • Hard Wood Floor Care
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Waxing
  • Buffing
  • Day Porter Services

Professional Commercial Cleaning In Saginaw, Michigan

Saginaw, Michigan sits in Mid- Michigan and is filled with hardworking people who care about their homes, their businesses, and their community. IntegriServ is proud to serve the Saginaw area.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all cleaning plans. Why should different spaces be cleaned in the same way? We take all the specifics of your space, including square footage and type of facility, into account when creating your custom cleaning plan. We understand that each client will have different needs depending on their industry and environment- for example, a medical office would require professional sterilization, as opposed to a marketing office, which might simply need window cleaning and vacuuming. When you contact IntegriServ, we’ll help you build the plan that you need- no more, no less.

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IntegriServ Commercial Cleaning Services - Clean Lobby

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Professional Cleaning For Saginaw Facilities & Campuses

IntegriServ provides professional janitorial services for many different types of facilities & campuses in the Saginaw area. Whether you’re running a business with a storefront and greeting customers every day or welcoming employees/clients into an office, your business and reputation will benefit from hiring commercial cleaners in Saginaw. Here are some of the businesses, facility, and campuses we serve:

These are just some of the types of companies in Saginaw County who benefit from IntegriServ’s commercial cleaning services. If you can name it, we can clean it.

Here at IntegriServ, we go above and beyond the average Saginaw County cleaning company. We ensure that our clients receive only the highest-quality commercial cleaning, and every cleaning job is checked by managers to maintain a high standard.

Professionally Cleaned Office Space by IntegriServ Cleaning Systems

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Professionally Cleaned Office Space by IntegriServ Cleaning Systems

Why Choose IntegriServ As Your Saginaw Commercial Cleaning Company?

Ohio pride runs deep, and IntegriServ is no exception. We are proud to be one of Michigan's top professional commercial cleaning services, and we are excited to serve you!

Thorough and efficient work is an expectation here. We pride ourselves on never missing a day, making us one of the most reliable commercial cleaning companies in Saginaw, Michigan. Clear and consistent communication is more than a value to us- it’s a requirement. If any problems with your janitorial services arise, you can count on us to handle them quickly and efficiently.

Your time is valuable- don’t waste hours searching “best commercial cleaning company near me.” IntegriServ is conveniently located in Saginaw and serves several cities throughout Saginaw and Midland County. Whichever county you’re in, you can count on us.

Budgeting for commercial janitorial services can be difficult, but IntegriServ takes the headache out of it. Visit our website today to get a quote for a custom professional cleaning plan.

These days, staying safe and keeping spaces free of germs is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Commercial disinfection services are a great way to keep germs and bacteria out of your facility! We use the latest commercial cleaning technology to make sure that your facility is as clean and sanitary as it can possibly be.

IntegriServ won’t be stopped by a hard-to-reach area. Our Saginaw cleaning team uses advanced technology to effectively and efficiently clean every surface, even the ones that are hard to reach, via a process called electrostatic disinfection fogging. It allows for a rapid, uniform application of hospital-grade disinfectant delivered in a fine mist. The chemicals we use kill germs, viruses (including COVID-19) up to 10 times faster than competing products. Even better, this process is safe to use in offices and around electronic equipment. The mist is so fine that it dries completely within 10 minutes, meaning that there is very little risk of damage.

Searching for cost-effective commercial cleaning services near you may sound overwhelming, but IntegriServ makes it simple. We are located throughout Saginaw County and the surrounding areas.

Contact us today for all of your Saginaw cleaning company needs!

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IntegriServ is located in Saginaw County. We clean businesses and commercial facilities in Saginaw County and the surrounding communities. See Service Areas

Saginaw, Michigan Skyline

Saginaw, Michigan

When you’re looking for a place to relax and recharge, Saginaw, Michigan is the perfect choice. Its population of just under 50,000 people makes it a haven from the bustle of major cities while still having plenty of options for entertainment. Find unique shops in the charming downtown area, walk over the bridge to Ojibway Island, or visit one of Saginaw’s cultural attractions like the art museum or Michigan’s famous Japanese cultural center. Saginaw is home to the only authentic Japanese tea house in the Midwest, set among beautiful Japanese gardens that are sure to bring you some much-needed peace.

Additional Mid-Michigan areas we serve:

  • Saginaw County
  • Bay County
  • Midland County
  • Gratiot County
  • Genesee County
IntegriServ Disinfection Services

Electrostatic Commercial Disinfection Service in Mid-Michigan

Clean Team is using advanced technology to effectively and efficiently clean even the most hard-to-reach surfaces with electrostatic disinfecting fogging.

Electrostatic disinfection fogging is the most effective way to kill any viruses (including COVID-19).

Our trained professional cleaning team will disinfect all surfaces using a rapid, uniform application of fast-acting chemicals to allow for exceptional coverage in a fraction of the time - using chemicals that boast kill times up to 10 times faster than competitive products.

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We're Devoted to Maintaining a Healthy Work Environment

A commercial cleaning company recognizes that the most common way for germs to spread in the workplace is through the touching of contaminated surfaces. These surfaces are usually “hot spots” like door and faucet handles, telephones, light switches, etc. Commercial office cleaning services create a clean workplace by thoroughly disinfecting.

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How do you choose a commercial cleaning company?

When you run a business, you know that a clean, fresh appearance can help retain and even increase the number of customers you serve. It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small business or are in a big city or small town. Whatever you need, our office janitorial services can help.

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IntegriServ Cleaning Systems is Guaranteed to provide Exceptional Customer Service

We're committed to providing exceptional customer service.

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We routinely ask our customers for feedback, below is what they are saying.

"... does a great job... even with the construction. Only complaint: they keep this place cleaner than I do my own house!"

"This has been the best service in 14 years that I have seen in the two locations I've been at."

"Everything is great. I noticed a SDS for a cleaning product. That's right in line with our own Hazcom program... fabulous work as usual!"

"You guys are really great! Not a suggestion, just a fact."