To Maintain a Healthy Work Environment, You Need a Cleaning Services Company

IntegriServ is a cleaning business to combat germs


Even when your workplace looks clean, germs may be present, lurking and breeding in the busiest spaces of your workplace. Public spaces such as restaurants, healthcare facilities, and schools are committed to protecting the public’s health. All workplaces should be sanitized. This includes ensuring proper disinfection of surfaces. Commercial cleaning services have the expertise to properly clean facilities.

With thoroughness and skill, these cleaning services companies can reduce the amount of absenteeism in the workplace. Sick days, worker compensation, and other costs linked to workplace illness cost American businesses billions of dollars every year. Additionally, a high number of workers report to work when they’re sick, increasing the risk of illness for those in the workplace. But contract cleaning companies can help by making your health their business.

Why do you need an office cleaner?

Most people know that viruses cause common illnesses, such as a cold or flu. Professional cleaning services know that the germs that cause viruses can live on surfaces in the workplace for several days. These germs are spread by people wiping their noses or mouths and touching a surface. Any time someone sneezes or coughs, these germs are in the air and finding surfaces to land on and contaminate. Office cleaning companies work to reduce the risk of illness and infection. Commercial office cleaning services do this by creating a clean workplace and thoroughly sanitizing.

  • Business cleaning services are experienced and thorough.
  • Office cleaners know how germs work and where they work (aka germ “hotspots”).
  • Commercial cleaning companies have professional-grade cleaning equipment and supplies to ensure a properly done job.

A commercial cleaning company recognizes that the most common way for germs to spread in the workplace is through the touching of contaminated surfaces. These surfaces are usually the places you touch every day, “hot spots” like faucet handles, telephones, light switches, door handles—any surface that a lot of people touch.


A commercial office cleaning company makes "getting rid of germs" their business. These office cleaning services know that absenteeism from illness in the workplace can cost American employers a lot of money, both in productivity and in wages. In fact, one sick employee can infect a whole department, not to mention customers and clients. Managers can encourage employees to stay home when they are sick and they can encourage other healthy behaviors, such as hand washing, but a more proactive approach to enhance an illness-free workplace is to provide the employees with office cleaning, specifically by professional cleaning companies.

Corporate cleaning services are a professional cleaning company that is trained with the know-how to give the required level of attention and care to the surfaces—such as faucet handles, light switches, and door handles—that are known to carry germs. The service of a cleaning services company is your office’s best defense against germs.

We offer an electrostatic commercial disinfection service that cleans even hard to reach surfaces.

We make cleaning offices (and keeping yours as germ-free as possible) our business. For a quality office cleaning company, contact us today.