Hear What Mike, Franchise Owner Has to Say About IntegriServ

Hey I'm Mike with IntegriServ, welcome to my home I got some things I want to talk to you about, so come on in!

I'm a franchise owner and a lot is happening a year. I've accomplished so over 16 accounts and have a couple crews. How did I do that? First off, a lot of sacrifice. I've put my my heart into this thing and I just went for it. I went for the IntegriServ allowed me to do that.

So right now I've got about five people that work for me. We do a lot of different various accounts around the Toledo area, Bowling Green, Findlay.

Right here right here is a picture of my family and this is my wife and she's a business owner too.

Sometimes after a hard day I just got to come in here and I just got to relax and you know if Jacuzzi works just great you know just relax sit down and let the water take your your troubles away for the day.

This this right here is the war Room this is my den. This right here is where all the the programming, the thinking, materializing everything of what we've achieved over the year.

Right here, in case you're wondering this is a 65 inch television that's going to be mounted in my office. Yes, I do have an office I just signed the lease so it's got three offices plus a big conference room yes the tiger sir have allowed me to do this. So this will be the training television that we're gonna be using in the office to help train new hires of how we clean, what's our process is, what's our best practices moving forward so like I said all this in a year and there's gonna be a whole lot more to come.

Thanks for joining me today in my house. Like I said contact IntegriServ if you want to come work for me Hollywood Mike or If you want to be a franchise owner also let them know that you want to be a franchise owner as well. They'll take good care of you so with that being said I think you saw a lot, I think you saw enough and you saw the kitchen. Hopefully you hungry enough so get out of my house and go work man.

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