A Commercial Cleaning Franchise Review

Choosing a reputable Franchise: a Checklist For Investors

Congratulations on making the decision to open your own janitorial franchise!

Franchise ownership can be a rewarding and profitable endeavor. We’ve put together a quick checklist of steps you can take to separate the trustworthy from the tricksters.

1. Research and Verify.

  • Research should be the first step in any business venture. With cleaning franchises specifically, you’ll want to look into the company’s history- both their financial history and the story of their company. Look for cleaning businesses with a good financial track record, as well as plenty of industry experience. A company should spend a long time, preferably years, getting to know the industry and the business before welcoming in franchisees.

IntegriServ has over two decades of providing service with integrity.

2. Look for companies with a good legal history.

  • Though legal disputes are not uncommon in business, they can raise some concerns. If a company’s litigation history seems extensive or is filled with actions such as lawsuits from former franchisees, this could be a red flag pointing to a franchise.

IntegriServ has zero legal complaints.

3. Make sure you’re signing up with good management.

When you enter into small business ownership for the first time, you’ll have questions. You’ll run into situations you haven’t been in before. Having a good team on your side makes all the difference.

The IntegriServ franchise program offers excellent support every step of the way - like handling the invoicing / billing and sales (we find you customers), customer service and training.

4. Look for awards and recognition.

  • There are often awards given to the top franchise opportunities. Award-winning franchises will often display their awards prominently on their website.

IntegriServ was recognized by Entrepreneur’s editors as a Top Ranking Franchise In Multiple Categories

  • Entrepreneurs Franchise 500® Top Ranked
  • Entrepreneurs Franchise 500® Top Low-Cost

5. Never invest without a disclosure statement.

  • Before the purchase of a franchise is complete, the Federal Trade Commission requires businesses to provide prospective franchise owners with a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which lays out the risks and benefits of the investment. The purchaser must acknowledge receipt of the document, then wait 14 days. The 14-day waiting period is in place so that the purchaser has time to do their due diligence, carefully read and consider those risks and benefits of the opportunity.

IntegriServ provides “prospective franchisees” with an Franchise Disclosure Document and gladly answer any questions.

IntegriServ is Built on Integrity and Service

We review costs regularly to ensure that franchise owners do not have unexpected expenses, and pride ourselves on transparency.

All costs, expenses and potential unexpected expenses are listed out in our franchise disclosure document. We offer low investment options as little as $950 to start then scalable sales options to start your janitorial franchise opportunity.

Bob Armbruster started Clean Team in 1996 from his mom’s basement with just a bucket and a mop. In 2017, after 20 years of building Clean Team into a large multi-million dollar company, Bob acquired IntegriServ with the idea that he could teach anyone how to own and operate their own commercial cleaning business through this franchising model and scale it to any level. Today, there are over 100 IntegriServ franchisees operating across 4 different states.

We understand that starting a franchise is a risk. All franchise sales in the United States are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, IntegriServ is a compliant company which provides training and support for the life of the franchise, as well as having Pat Kearney on board as a dedicated franchise resource.