Hear What Shawntay, Our Franchise Owner Has to Say About IntegriServ

I wanted to invest in something that I really love to do versus just for the money. Which the money is good I have made so much money doing it. I love to clean so it's already been a passion of mine. Meeting the customers and meeting new different faces.

IntegriServ has been wonderful to me over the 14 years I have been there. I've never really seen a downfall in my business my business always been up. I have a wonderful staff that also got me through these 14 years.

If someone's interested in being a franchisee it is a wonderful investment stepping out is something a little scary but once you get out in the field you'll be very comfortable. IntegriServ service make you feel comfortable they're right there just by a phone call. You also have us as a team you know if you need to call another franchise you're able to do that and we we work together as a team as one.

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