Apartment & Condo Complex Cleaning

& Janitorial Services in Florida, Michigan and Ohio.

We work with apartment and condo owners in Florida, Michigan and Ohio

Specializing in daily and weekly services of the common areas, entrances, hallways, stairwells, elevators, restrooms, pool area, clubhouse and offices.

Condo and Apartment Complex Cleaning Services

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Condo and Apartment Complex Cleaning Services

Ohio and Florida Apartment & Condominium Cleaning Services IntegriServ Cleaning Systems, Delivers Quality Cleaning & Disinfection Services To Apartment And Condo Associations. Every Time.

Most apartment and condo complexes have common areas where residents can gather, as well as amenities they can use such as a gym or pool. Maintaining these areas and keeping them fresh, clean, and disinfected is vital. A clean common area presents a good impression to those touring the apartment building or condo complex, as well as providing residents with a clean and safe place to live.

IntegriServ Cleaning Systems has been providing the highest quality apartment cleaning services to property managers, condo owners, and condo associations for more than a decade. Our commitment to quality and consistency allows us to maintain thriving long-term client relationships and deliver excellent customer service every time. Our condominium cleaning services will make a big difference in the first impression you give to those touring your property, as well as keeping your residents and guests healthy and safe.

Apartment Building Cleaning & Condominium Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning and disinfecting the common areas of apartment and condominium buildings including floors, carpets, restrooms, and appliances from top to bottom.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting common areas such as clubhouses, gyms, lobbies, office centers, etc.

  • IntegriServ makes Condo Association and HOA approvals easy

Apartment and Condo Cleaning and Disinfection

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IntegriServ: Top Apartment Cleaners in Ohio and Florida

Our quality apartment and condo cleaning services and our customer service and communication make us the best apartment cleaners in the area. We take pride in being franchise owned and operated, with every franchise owner recieving training and support from the moment they purchase an IntegriServ franchise.

Our emphasis on thorough training and ongoing communication enables us to provide consistently high-quality apartment building cleaning services, while simultaneously exceeding customer expectations. We never miss a day of service. You can always count on us to show up and put our best foot forward, which allows you to do the same for your residents and guests.

Apartment Cleaning & Disinfection Keep Residents Safe

Our apartment and condominium cleaning services don’t stop with cleaning up messes and keeping common areas looking presentable. IntegriServ’s trained professional apartment cleaners use electrostatic disinfection fogging to spray a fast-acting throughout a room. Touchless application ensures that the disinfectant hits every surface, even those that are hard to reach. What’s more, it can be done in a fraction of the time that other methods take- all while killing viruses including COVID-19.

Custom Apartment and Condominium Complex Cleaning Plan

If you’re looking for an apartment or condo complex cleaning company near you, IntegriServ is ready to help. We formulate custom cleaning plans to best serve every client’s needs and budget. Call IntegriServ today and let’s get started!